Financial support for yourself and your family is a necessity. In the case of divorce, financial support is important for maintaining the quality of life of children and, when warranted, an ex-spouse, depending on the extenuating circumstanced best analyzed by an experienced attorney.

In the unfortunate case of a death, financial support can be ensured by establishing an estate plan that includes, at a minimum, a last will and testament, and possibly even a revocable or irrevocable trust, healthcare directives, or other instruments that ensure your wishes are carried out and that the financial security of your loved ones is considered.

With the help of the attorneys at Baker Vicchiollo Law, you can analyze the possibility or need for support through:

Financial support is one of the more critical resources that allow people to move forward and to have some peace of mind knowing that their expenses or the expenses of raising their children will be met, or that their estate is in order.

Our attorneys can assist you in assessing the factors used to obtain an order for support or to modify a support obligation through court intervention, negotiation, or mediation. Additionally, our attorneys can work with you to create or review an existing will or trust to ensure financial support and property are used in the way you intend upon your death.

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