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Knowing your options when faced with a life-changing event is the best place to start. At Baker Vicchiollo Law, we can help you understand your options, plan the next steps, or decide whether you need to hire an attorney. And, if we cannot help or if you need the help of other types of professionals, we are happy to provide referrals to other professionals and resources.

consider scheduling a consultation after life events

Getting married?  
Consider a prenuptial agreement, especially if remarrying and there are assets and/or children from previous marriages.

Contemplating divorce or separation?  
Consult with an attorney to know how to prepare and what steps you should take now.

Inheriting assets?  
Update your Will or consult on related factors impacting your estate.

Planning for end of life?  
Establish a Will, a trust, and healthcare directives.

Birth or Adopting of a child? 
Consider guardianship and financial provisions within your Will.

Traveling abroad?  
Have the important documents in-hand when traveling with your children following divorce.

Unexpected pregnancy?  
Find out about paternity determination and the rights of both biological parents.

Changing jobs or Loss of Income?  
Analyze the impact support modification or calculate the potential gain/loss of support.

Get help ascertaining court permission and changes to parenting time.

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