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    Many families want to adopt internationally. While this can be a complex process, it is possible. In fact, it is done all the time. Unfortunately, the rules and regulations can be confusing when a family from the United States starts the international adoption process. This is due to the rules and regulations varying based on the countries that children are being adopted from.

    The Hague Convention now controls adoption of children from other countries that have passed the Convention. The United States passed many years ago, but the regulations have only been in effect since 2008. The regulations are strict and require the origin country’s authorities to approve the adoption and produce the needed documentation. If the country of origin has not passed the Convention, then the rules can be very different.

    Because some of the regulations are still being tested, interpretations of those rules are still being developed. For this reason, a great deal of care needs to be taken to meet the regulations that are in place. But, with the assistance of an adoption attorney, the process will be explained and the steps that need to be completed identified. The international adoption process can take a while, but it can be well worth the wait once completed.

    Once you bring your child home, there may be steps necessary related to citizenship and to secure a birth certificate, which can be discussed with one of our attorneys during the initial consultation.  Additionally, a petition for adoption may need to be filed so a court hearing can be held.

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