Collaborative Divorce

Some couples choose to end their marriage through the collaborative divorce process instead of through litigation. This approach is best suited for couples who believe they can reach agreement, along with the help of their attorneys and other professionals engaged as needed, on factors related to children, financial support, marital and non-marital assets, etc. In the collaborative divorce process, couples agree to work toward settlement without Court intervention.

Collaborative divorce is a settlement process intended to keep the parties out of court. Both parties and their attorneys sign a participation agreement that defines the parameters of the collaborative divorce process. Many couples in Minnesota have used this approach to reach settlement, which allows them to move on with their lives.

Once the participation agreement is signed, the parties and their attorneys cooperate throughout the process, disclosing all relevant information needed to achieve settlement. Everything from debt and asset information to other pertinent details must be disclosed and litigation cannot be threatened. Removing the threat of litigation allows the parties to be more transparent as they work together.

Your attorney will help you identify your goals, needs, interests, and other concerns that need to be addressed. Once identified, all parties work toward an agreement that not only addresses the needs and concerns of both parties, but also complies with Minnesota law. Once agreement is reached, the attorneys draft the divorce decree which is then submitted to the court for review and approval.

The attorneys may not be the only parties involved in the process. If necessary, other professionals such as financial specialists, child specialists, or a divorce coach are engaged to help reach agreements on the more complex aspects of the case. The parties choose who they want to be involved in the process.

Baker Vicchiollo Law has extensive experience in both litigation and collaborative divorce proceedings.  The location of our firm with the Collaborative Alliance suite affords access to some of the best collaborative attorneys and related specialists in Minnesota.

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