For some people, a change in marital or relationship status is necessary, and it is important that the process is conducted efficiently and competently to achieve the best possible resolution. The different types of marital/relationship status changes and methods of protecting your assets in the event of a marital status change include:

  • Prenuptial Agreement
  • Postnuptial Agreement
  • Legal Separation
  • Divorce

Divorce changes marital status from married to single. However, with a legal separation, a couple remains married, but changes status in that a separation indicates that the couple is no longer residing together and have otherwise legally severed ties (with the exception of the bonds of matrimony). A nuptial agreement specifies certain terms within the marriage, such as what would happen in case the couple should divorce and whether certain assets may stay with a specific spouse. A nuptial agreement can also include provisions with certain wishes as to how each spouse wants their affairs handled by the other in the event one of them passes away.


When you wish to change your marital/relationship status or utilize nuptial agreements as a means to protect your assets, it is important that you have a Minnesota family law attorney take care of specific steps in the divorce process and represent you in the case of divorce litigation or if you separate so as to accomplish the same or similar benefits of a divorce without actually dissolving the bonds of matrimony, as separation is not always just about living apart. When you choose Baker Vicchiollo Law to represent your interests, we are there with you from start to finish, and will do our absolute best to give you the necessary information and advice you need to make informed decisions as you go through the process of changing your marital/relationship status, or plan for the possibility of a change in your marital status using a nuptial agreement.


At Baker Vicchiollo Law, we have helped many people throughout the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan counties and beyond who are on the path to changing their status and many others who wish to protect their assets through nuptial agreements. No matter what legal help you might need, we are here to assist. To learn more about your options, call us at 952-405-2050 or complete the contact form to request a free 45-minute consultation.

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