Legal Separation | Domestic Partner | Same-Sex Contested Divorce When a divorcing couple is not in agreement on how to handle issues related to children, support, property, or other financials, they may need to litigate their dissolution through Court proceedings. Our attorneys work hard to reach agreements so that the Court is not left to … Read more

Family Law

FAMILY LAW FAMILY LAW Helping Individuals & Families Move Forward When facing life changes such as a divorce or parenting issues, Baker Vicchiollo Law is here to help you move through and move past legal barriers so that you can move forward with your life. We serve clients throughout Minnesota with various levels of assistance … Read more

Power of Attorney

Estate & TRUSTS Estate Planning Services Power of Attorney Designating someone who can legally act on your behalf can be customized to fit various situations, duration, and conditions.  Clearly stating the range of authority is important as is knowing when and how to revoke the authority.  Contact our firm to execute the proper documents customized … Read more

Resolving Disputes

Resolving Disputes When facing a matter such as a divorce, it is preferred by Minnesota family courts for the parties to try and reach a resolution without court intervention whenever possible. With the assistance of attorneys, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is the process by which this can be achieved. Alternative dispute resolution, or ADR, practically … Read more


Alternative Dispute Resolution MEDIATION The Role of The Mediator Mediators are unbiased. They don’t take one side or the other. They simply listen to the facts, and they are trained to do so. They are not allowed to give any advice, which is why the mediator can’t be the attorney for either party. An attorney … Read more

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