Family Law Resources

FAMILY LAW Resources – Family Law Collaborative Alliance Minnesota Legal Aid Child Support – MN Department of Human Services Our Family Wizard Collaborative Law Institute of Minnesota Minnesota Courts – Judicial Branch Collaborative Divorce, “Will it Work for Me?”, IACP MN Statutes 518.17, “12 Best


FAMILY LAW Custody & Parenting PATERNITY A “paternity” legal proceeding is the process of determining the legal father of a child. Once the legal father has been determined, he has an obligation to support the child financially and the right to petition the Court for custody and/or parenting time. In Minnesota law, the unmarried mother … Read more


The court-dictated process of litigating a divorce proceeding includes alternative dispute resolution in various forms to try and reach agreements before the court intervenes. If settlement is not reached the case will proceed to pretrial and subsequently trial unless settled by the parties. In the collaborative divorce process meetings are held between the parties and … Read more

Estate & Trusts

ESTATE & TRUSTS ESTATE & TRUSTS Planning For Life Transitions Estate & Trusts Law is a natural fit for our family law and adoption law practices because after a life transition, such as the birth or adoption of a child, marriage or divorce, or the passing of a loved one, we understand how significantly life … Read more

Protecting Yourself and Your Parental Rights

LIFE HAPPENS   ORDERS FOR PROTECTION HARASSMENT RESTRAING ORDER (HRO) A Harassment Restraining Order is an order signed by a judicial officer (judge or referee)that orders someone to stop harassing you and have no contact, unless allowed in the court order.It is not a criminal proceeding and takes place in civil court. “Harassment” includes: (1) … Read more

Glossary Of Terms: Estate & Trusts

ESTATE & TRUSTS Baker Vicchiollo Law Administrator The person appointed by the court to manage an estate when there is no valid will; called a personal representative in some states. An administrator has the same duties as the executor of a will. Applicable Exemption Amount A lifetime federal estate and gift tax exemption. Transfer of … Read more

Glossary Of Terms: Adoption Law

ADOPTION LAW Glossary of Terms – Adoption Law Finalization The legal process by which the adoption becomes permanent and binding. Hague Convention on Inter- country Adoption  A multinational agreement designed to promote the uniformity and efficiency of international adoptions. Home study  A study of the prospective adoptive family and their home, life experiences, health, lifestyle, extended … Read more

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