Agency Adoption

AGENCY ADOPTION An agency adoption is an attractive adoption option for birth parents wishing to put their children up for adoption and for families wishing to grow their families. Agencies are very good at finding children in need of families and matching them with parents who will give them a loving and nurturing home. Even … Read more

Domestic Adoption

Domestic Adoption ADOPTION LAW Adoption Services Domestic adoption (or private domestic adoption) refers to the placement of infants born in the United States for adoption by their birth parent(s), who legally consent to the adoption with a parent(s) of their choosing. Domestic adoption can occur through several ways: DOMESTIC INFANT ADOPTION Domestic adoption is the … Read more

Stepparent Adoption

ADOPTION Stepparent & Relative Adoption STEPPARENT ADOPTION Stepparent adoption is exciting because it is the opportunity to make the children you are raising legally your own. For a stepparent to adopt their stepchild, the other parent will have to terminate their parental rights or simply not be known. For a stepparent to complete an adoption, … Read more

Private Adoption

ADOPTION LAW Domestic Adoption PRIVATE ADOPTION In short, private adoption is a domestic adoption in which the prospective birth mother and hopeful adoptive parents work with a private adoption agency. Most of the time, “private adoption” is just another way of referring to U.S. domestic infant adoption. The role of an adoption law attorney varies … Read more

Domestic Infant Adoption

Adoption Law Domestic Adoption DOMESTIC INFANT ADOPTION Domestic adoption is the adoption of a child born in the United States by parents who are citizens of the United States.  Typically, in the domestic adoption process, the birth mother chooses adoption for her baby and is matched with prospective parents who work with an adoption agency to … Read more


Growing Your Family Through Adoption Adoption is one way to expand your family and to provide a child with a loving home.  It is the process of the transferring the rights of the biological parent(s) to the adoptive parent(s). Expanding your family can be an emotional roller coaster and exciting at the same time. If you are considering … Read more

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